Who We Are

As Northbridge California’s satisfied customers will tell you, Our business is named for its fantastic service.  We are Fast. We are Affordable. We are here to help you make the right move.

Over our many years in business, Fast and Affordable Movers has developed our own best practices for moving people, entire operations staffed with employees and filled with goods and services, without missing a deadline.

As your moving professionals, it is in our best interest that you are 100% satisfied with our work. Fast and Affordable Movers will not make promises upon which we cannot deliver.

We are Fast

Northridge California may be known for it’s slow pace and casually hip attitude, but when you need speed, watch as our professionally staffed team of experts exemplify diligent excellent work, with an eye toward your priorities. Our outstanding reputation tends to have preceded us. However, when you experience our moving services first hand, you will understand, just like our loyal customers do, what a difference the right team of professionals will make.

We Are Affordable

With most everything in life, the saying “You Get What You Pay For” rings true. With respect to the service industry especially, one can only hope that he or she is, indeed, getting his or her money’s worth. An honest moving company does exist, however, and we are in the business of “giving you what you paid for”.

As your moving professionals, our guarantee continues to honor our name and likeness. Fast and Affordable Movers strive to continually make relocating a fun and exciting time in our customer’s lives.

We Are Professional

In serving our local Northridge community throughout the years, Fast and Affordable Movers has acquired an excellent breadth of our local area.  of what is up and coming, as well.

Because we are constantly on the road moving homes, dormitories and businesses alike, our professionals keep constant surveillance of interstate routes. Other than keeping your possessions intact en route, our knowledge of the surrounding areas, including the most expedient highways and safest long distance routes keeping both customers and drivers alike safe.

So What’s All This About Getting What You Pay For?

Simply put, we know that moving can become expensive. Whether it is time or it is money, you are definitely spending it! When it comes to selecting your service, your best bet is to maximize your savings, be it saving time or saving money.

This whole attitude is especially pertinent when considering the prospect of relocating, whether it is five people, or five hundred people. Cutting corners for the benefit of saving money could very easily eat into your morale. When you choose from our service packages, consider the variables that are of utmost priority to you.

Why Fast and Affordable Movers?

Simply put, we are the best in the business.

With any type of moving or relocation real world challenges can absolutely include streamlining the process – From purchasing boxes, to finding available and readily accessible storage, even transporting furniture or other commercial machinery becomes a job in and of itself! This is where our services truly shine, and our company can showcase the latitude of our resources.


The professionals at Fast and Affordable Movers want to make your moving experience a time of excitement and forward thinking. We’ll take care of the heavy lifting, and you can worry about forwarding your mail and setting up your new cable bill. Call (818) 294-7194 today to speak with a representative today. For more information, to get your own personalized quote, or to set up your own moving appraisal at your home or business location. Let us prove to you that our customer service is unmatched. Ask us about our success as some of the most highly acclaimed movers on the West Coast, from Northridge, throughout California, and throughout the country!


Our team at Fast and Affordable Movers has countless moving experiences all over the country. Our insured professionals will take the stress of packing up and moving your business, home, duplex or penthouse away. Choosing Fast and Affordable Movers will allow you to continue to do what you do best, and get you back up and looking forward, not missing a moment of your future endeavors.


Our Guarantee

Most moving companies are filled to the brim with promises, only to leave their expectant customers disappointed. We are not most moving companies! Fast and Affordable Movers will deliver what they promise, leaving nothing to chance, and accurately providing their customers with a quote (for which they can expect never to pay more.)


Our service is unmet, our timing is on point, and our deadlines are consistently met. We want our customers to tell their friends about their amazing re-locating experience. The true value of a service company like our own is in our customer’s satisfaction – When our customers are satisfied, our business thrives. Referrals are the most consistent way for us to continue working with people we like, and having a mutual expectation of trust and respect.


Northridge California’s best in professional moving is, without any question, Fast and Affordable Movers. If you have any question as to a specific service that you require, including any type of commercial, local, long distance or residential re-location services, please don’t hesitate to call. One of our (sweet as can be) customer service representatives will be happy to answer your questions.