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When you hire Affordable Movers Northridge for your moving needs, you are guaranteed the best. From the time you call our customer service representatives, to the moment your last box is set down in your new place, our team of professionals guarantee your service. Reliability includes meeting your deadlines as promised. Reliability also includes getting exactly what you expected, from the services you request, to the safe delivery of your possessions to your new home or business location.

Our reputation at Affordable Movers Northridge depends solely on the satisfaction of our customers. We strive to continue to “wow” our customers with our knowledge of both procedure and region. Affordable Movers Northridge wants our name to continue to resonate with our brand. Our aim is to be affordable, no matter what your moving needs may be.

We are Northridge’s local movers- you can count on us to deliver, as promised, on our agreed upon terms.

Call us today at (818) 294-7194 and receive your free quote over the phone, or schedule an appraisal with one of our reps for a more specialized moving service.

Moving Tips for Home and Business
Not sure where to start?

Never even thought about packing for even a day in your life? Be that the case, Affordable Movers Northridge would likely recommend our Full Service Moving Package. However, anyone can get better prepared for the move ahead of them by following this moving checklist:

(Note: Affordable Movers Northridge do not require any of this list to be completed before we can provide our moving assistance services. This list is simply a free resource, created to better your moving experience in any and all levels of service.)
Moving Checklist
No matter when your move in deadline is, it is always a good idea to keep a list of priorities, especially when it comes to packing.

One great idea for staying organized is to create a packing list. This can include:

  • An over-arching list that covers all the rooms
  • A list of “musts,” such as critical items to your home or business
  • A list of personal valuables, irreplaceable items or data
    These lists will come in super handy when you are at your new location and are ready to fill up your new space. Having checklists prevents valuables from getting lost, or from overwhelming circumstances causing people to accidentally totally forget the most important things (think a groom at a wedding… of course he forgot the rings!)
  • For both business and residential spaces alike, when considering your new location, both the building and the physical address, try to absorb the space in which you will now be living. Sometimes the space is better utilized when there is nothing in it! In other words, while making sure that you bring what is important to you, make sure to appreciate the space prior to unpacking. Take some measurements, and maybe even doodle a few sketches trying a few arrangements before committing to an interior set-up.
  • Upon completing a room or area, creating two copies of a given checklist will allow you to more easily navigate through your still-packed stuff.
  • This way, you are not unpacking your wedding presents when all you are looking for is your silverware and underwear for the next work day!
  • When considering valuable items that are fragile, marking the boxes for your own careful consideration.
  • One of the most basic ways to begin to pack is to find items that are already boxed up and away in your basement or attic. The packing doesn’t have to stop there, however! Make a quick assessment of that which you are organizing, and tack a list or label upon it (Even if it just says “Basement”! That way, you won’t have to rely on anything other than your own packing sheets (because that’s what they are, you organizing expert) to best determine how to navigate unpacking without being entirely overwhelmed.
  • When the big day gets there (or, for some of our customers, if you need help today,) our team be there with bells on, ready to help you make make the right move.
Call Affordable Movers Northridge today at (818) 294-7194 for service inquires, Same Day Service, or more information on how we can help!

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