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At Affordable Movers Northridge, we know that it’s no easy feat to move away. Not every moving experience is a choice, nor is every move a choice. Departing from the comforts of your life’s current routines, friends, family and other staples of habit can cause for seriously stressful moments, or otherwise unmitigated fears.

For University
Because California State University is in the heart of Northridge California, Affordable Movers Northridge offers students and parents moving to one of the most popular schools in the country.

For instance, if you are a college freshman who needs assistance packing up and moving away from her hometown in the heart of Cambridge, Affordable Movers Northridge is competitively priced, insured, and deadline oriented moving company. We can and will guarantee you (or, if you are a parent, your student) will be moved in by the date you set.

What about college seniors with his own personal accumulation of science projects and thesis work?
Depending on his personal relocation requirements, Affordable Movers Northridge can create a service plan tailored to his individual needs. Moving to a high-rise apartment in Los Angeles? No problem at all! Does the new graduate need special handling for all of his research work and materials? We have a “Affordable Movers Northridge” service plan for that too!

Getting Your Quote
For your free quote from Affordable Movers Northridge, call us today at (818) 294-7194!

Home Moving Services – What To Expect On The Day Of The Move?
On the day of the big move, one of our trucks will arrive at your location (look for the guys in uniform!) Depending upon the service package that you have chosen (Same Day, Full Service Moving, Full Service Packing and Wrapping, or one of our Deluxe packages) our team will get straight to work!

As we carefully pack up your possessions and/or load them meticulously into our trucks, you can mull over the last minute tasks you have left on your list!

Pro-tip: Make sure your water, electric; cable and mail have all been taken care of/handled (this means you too businesses!)

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You can contact Affordable Movers Northridge, located in Northridge California, by using our online quote generator, or by calling one of our sales representatives directly at (818) 294-7194.

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