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Full Service Moving

Our team of experts will assess your property, your individual needs, and your timeline.

We can set up a timeframe that is convenient for you, and provide the man-power to quickly get you into your new location.

Free Quote: Our free quote can be done online, or you can get yours over the phone! To get your quote, we will require certain parameters including:

  • Where are you moving from?
  • Can you basically describe your residence or place of business?
  • Where will you be moving to?
  • What type of items will require the most assistance?
  • How much assistance do you think you would like?
  • When will you need to be moved in?
  • Will you have any special requirements/ items that need extra care while moving?
  • Will you need any additional services?
Additional Services can include:
  • Storage of belongings for some amount of time (Time frame and items that specifically need storage?
  • Trash removal
  • assistance with packing
  • Wrapping and Boxing Supplies?
  • Full Service Packing and Moving?
  • Will you or your business require our most popular “Full Service Moving Package?”)
  • What type of timeline are you looking at?
  • Expected move out date?
  • Expected move in date?
  • Do you have any questions specific to your needs, unanswered by our website? Please take notes as to your priorities. Our competent team of professionals at Affordable Movers Northridge is good, but we have yet to master the art of mind-reading.
From this information, we can generate a much more detailed quote. If you submit a quote online, someone will be in touch with you at your earliest convenience to explain your options with one call.

Should you prefer to answer these questions for yourself and then give us a call, which will work just as well. Just like our online quote form, we will be able to accurately quote your service order with only a few questions.

It’s that simple. From there, all we will need from you is the go ahead. Then we can get to work!

Call Affordable Movers Northridge today for your personalized quote at (818) 294-7194.

Our Full Service Moving Specialists will supply whatever you need – From wrapping paper to petroleum, we can supply it!

Upon arriving onsite, our team will set about organizing, carefully wrapping and packing from room to room, and loading it into our service vehicles, and finally, delivering your furniture and boxes to your new place! This service is our finest in hassle free efficient moving. We will take over the logistics of your move, in whatever capacities suited to you and your relocation.

Our Full Service Wrapping and Packaging Team is here to take the work out of packing your place up! Using only the best in product, our team can do the organizing for you! Whether or not you choose to do some or all of the packing, we can pick up where you left off and leave you amazed and your place as empty as the day you moved in! Supplies: From boxes to wrapping paper, if you need the supplies, Northridge Movers will provide everything you need, including our expertise, to transport even your most cherished items.

The professionals at Affordable Movers Northridge know all about the various companies that offer “FREE BOXES” as some sort of gimmick in order to entice stressed out people mid-move.

Here’s a tip: If you need free boxes with little to zero guarantee, and aren’t concerned with the bottom falling out, go to any liquor store and tell them you are moving. Most, if not all liquor stores, will be happy to unload their recycling on to an unsuspecting mover.

With that said, Affordable Movers Northridge can provide cardboard boxes and other storage for your valuables. Our guaranteed quality does not begin and end with our service. We only provide the best in packaging and wrapping supplies, and will not rope our customers in with “free,” or poorly made product. Like all things service related, you do indeed “get what you pay for.” Often times, first time movers fall victim to the “Penny wise, pound foolish” clichés, losing irreplaceable items in the error of their newbie mistake.

Affordable Movers Northridge Gives You The Choice!
Just because we offer incredible assistance in several capacities does not mean you have to agree to all, or nothing at all. We offer many of our services “a la carte,” and will not sell you product or services you don’t need. We are guaranteed professionals for a reason. Our local professional (yes, even the ones who work the phones) are all informed as to our policies and packages. We stand behind the offerings of our company. We will be absolutely delighted with your recommendation once your move is successfully completed. Referrals go a long way in this business. We at Affordable Movers Northridge know and respect this notion, and prefer maintaining relationships with our valued customers over making a quick buck on those foolish enough to buy into a faulty company with no desire to maintain a long, long list of satisfied customers.

Choosing your Moving Company
Choose Affordable Movers Northridge for your next big move, and let us impress you! You will not be disappointed with our solid reputation, our variety of service offerings, or our desire to keep a smile on your face.

Storage and Removal
Affordable Movers Northridge want to let you know that we understand how overwhelming it can be to move!

When you think about all of the variables of moving that require consideration your mind might be entirely elsewhere.

We’ve all been there: Moving requires a ton of paperwork. If you are consumed with the money, terms, and conditions, and all the other paperwork necessary to ensure your new place will be yours when you get there, how will you ever be moved in on time?

This is where Affordable Movers Northridge are tested tough. Our customers will attest to our deadline oriented, efficient team.

When it comes to the physical packing, storing and additional services like short or long term storage, Affordable Moving Services make the parts of moving that you are dreading an absolute breeze. Because we are professional movers, we have all of the resources to help you with your move, even hard-to-find services like “Junk Removal” or recycling services.

We can even take all of your concerns and pack them up as well, provided you don’t
want them delivered to your new home or office location.

Whether you are upsizing, downsizing or moving to the exact same number or square footage, storing your belongings for some amount of time can be a major factor in facilitating your move.

Rather than entrusting another company to move the same set of boxes from one company’s truck to another’s, count on Affordable Movers Northridge to provide you with the best in storage! Without a doubt, you can save time and money by using our storage services.

If you are considering utilizing storage outside of your new home or business location, it has never been easier than it is today! By using Affordable Movers Northridge storage services, you are not just cutting down on time spent re-organizing, re-stacking, or re-arranging your valuables. You don’t even have to waste time calling around to find another reputable service company to entrust with your personal belongings!

Moving Services: Throw-out Junked Stuff/ Moving Removal Services
Just as storage is best implemented by your reputable moving company, items that you no longer need can be easily removed by our hard working professional team at Affordable Movers Northridge

Benefits of “Trash Removal” from Affordable Movers Northridge
  • Affordable Movers Northridge have all of the resources you need, including home and office furniture removal.
  • Our professionals are consistently facing new challenges, as no two moves are alike.
  • Our professionals can guarantee prompt removal on our agreed upon timeline – No waiting around for the trash collector guy to make his way from the junkyard!
  • Affordable Movers Northridge will know exactly which items you are no longer in need of and will require disposal. Not only are we timely, insured, and competent; We are the professionals who will be handling your move – from whenever you choose until our job is done!
  • Searching for a “more affordable” company might leave your move in dire straits – ensuring that only the best, most trustworthy people for the job are onsite is an important facet of any on-site service. (In other words, we won’t steal your valuables and pawn it off on another company!)

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